Chicken Tawook

Egg plant stew

Lamb Kafta

Hope you guys had a lovely Remembrance Day long weekend. If you are in US, then a Veteran day weekend!

Since Vancouver weather is absolutely miserable right now (heavy rain and wind), I doubt I’m going to take any outfit of the day photos in the next couple of weeks. I apologize in advance if you really like those posts because honestly at 4:00pm it looks like time for bed, and my umbrella flips every time I try to walk outside. According to forecast, we are getting heavy rainfall warning as well…so things aren’t looking too bright…literally.

Anyways, I like to use this opportunity to talk about something else, such as food (I am a big foodie, but I do control how much I eat in order to have that calorie balance). If you are ever around the neighbourhood and is looking for something fresh, non-greesy, healthy and also good, then definitely check out ‘Nuba’, a Lebanese-styled restaurant. They have a great menu, but I always go for the plates because it’s got everything! And their humus is amazing!!

Food/Drinks: ****

Price: $$

Ambience: ***

Service: ***

Presentation: ****

Overall rating: ***

***** being the highest

They have a couple of locations but feel free to browse around their website here.

Let’s connect on FACEBOOK | Twitter | Instagram

Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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