Never too Red!

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s another Fall look.

I’m transitioning from the Research and Development department into Sales at my present Biotechnology company, which is exciting and nerve-racking because I’ve never had Sales experience in the past. If you read my Bio (here), I’ve always been working as a scientific researcher. But I’m excited because there will be many new opportunities to learn and grow. I love venturing out of my comfort zone because I know that’s how I can get better and truly stretch myself further to get to the next level.

With that change, there will be some style evolution. I was into casual, sometimes edgy and colourful outfits. However, I’m now on the look out for subtle, feminine and professional pieces that I could wear to work so I can look decent without overdoing things. Thank you to those that frequent my blog, and I hope you like this style change as it might become more applicable to my fellow business ladies out there!

Where to shop: 

Coat: ZARA (last year)

Heels: Clarks (from Ronsons available here. I love clarks shoes because they are so practical and comfortable!!)

Top: Little Moon (Available here)

Pants: Wilfred (Available here)

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Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤


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