How I Reorganized My Closet (Tips)

I’ve been wanting to reorganize my closet for awhile. My closet was a hot mess because I just have too many drawers and shelves. I dislike how it was organized before because I couldn’t see what I have, which made me buy the same things over and over again. So I had this idea of getting a unit shelf and then placing it sideways in my closet, that way I can categorize my cloth and see clearly what I own.

Before 😦 

This was my closet before. As you can tell, it’s very hard to see what I have. Since I’m a very visual person, I like going into my closet and instantly being able to spot the cloth I’d like to wear.


The unit shelf is the perfect solution. Everything is organized and categorized. This makes things much easier for me to see. I love how I could just open my closet doors and instantly spot what I have and what I want to wear. This can also help me save money because in the past I ended up purchasing the same things couple of times (I found many repetitive pieces because I didn’t realize I had them).

Tip #1: I organize my cloth by type. Starting from the left are my maxi and midi skirts and then transitioning into blazers and tops. For tops, I organize by colour because it’s just more visually striking. My patterned and coloured tops are on the left and then whites in the middle and to the right are the dark colours.

  Tip #2: Be creative when folding. Folding in different ways can create more space.

Tip #3: Use dividers to categorize smaller-sized items (for example, I use one to keep my legging/tights together and another to store all my leotards for dance).

If you are curious, the unit shelf is from IKEA (available here). The dividers are also from IKEA!

Hope you found today’s post useful! Thank you for reading! 🙂

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