A pop of olive green 

I’m a huge scarf person if you guys haven’t already realized. I love collecting different color and patterned scarves during Fall and Winter. I think they just add an extra color, texture and pop to an outfit. Of course, a scarf also adds extra warmth if you are not wearing a turtle neck. I also think scarfs look SO classy with a wool coat when the colors are coordinated properly. It just looks effortless, like you threw something on and walked out of the door, but still looks amazing! Below are some of my tips for styling with scarves and a Winter coat:

1. Muted colored scarves look great for cold weather because they brighten up the dark tones without going overboard.

2. Monochrome scarves look great with monochrome AND patterned jackets/coat.

3. Patterned scarves look great with monochrome jacket/coat (when you want to play safe). But of course, rules are meant to be broken so when done properly, a patterned scarf can look very fashionable and chic with a patterned jacket/coat.

4. Monochrome grey and camel-colored scarves are a must-have in your Fall/Winter wardrobe because they look good with everything!

Where to shop: 

Scarf: Plenty (Can’t find this one on their website)

Coat: Aritzia (style from 2 years ago)

Boots: ALDO shoes (similar here)

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Viv ❤

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