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I travelled to China this summer with my family. We went to three major cities: Qingdao, Luoyang (Henan province which in the interior part of China) and Beijing. I last time I went back was in 2010 and visited Shanghai for the World Expo. My impression last time wasn’t so great because I was ill the entire time (cold and diarrhea. EEK!). Before my trip this year, I got so paranoid that I brought a bag of medication with me (Tylenol and Immodium). Surprisingly, I didn’t fall sick at all this year (phew!). What was ironic was that both my parents experienced an episode of food poisoning which had never happened to them before. Anyways, today I’m sharing some travel photos of my trip and a few interesting stories that are worth mentioning!

Think I went a little overboard with food photos, but when I couldn’t help myself because I have never seen so much seafood all at once. Qingdao is a coastal city so seafood is their specialty. The strange-looking shrimp is called ‘Mantis shrimp’, which is also something you won’t find anywhere else.

I didn’t take photos but there was a ‘sea cucumber’ dish and a ‘puffer fish’ soup which I never tasted before. I couldn’t bring myself to finish the sea cucumber because 1) it didn’t look appetizing and 2) it tasted like rubber (apparently lots of collagen). Sorry for those who love sea cucumbers!

As for the ‘puffer fish’ soup, bae thought it was SO appropriate to tell me right before the meal that the fish is actually extremely poisonous. One tiny fish has enough neurotoxin to kill an elephant…Thank you honey! >.< That just made me want to eat it even more…Of course, he also tried to redeem the delicacy by saying that all the chiefs are highly trained to process the fish thoroughly to eliminate all the toxic components. Still, I just couldn’t get myself to eat it. So I gave him my portion. Bon appetite honey! XD


I got so close to that one while taking this selfie. It tried to pull my hair. Bad monkey!

So after visiting family we went to a famous tourist attraction and it directly translates to ‘Monkey Mountain’ because there are many wild moneys roaming around (Just like squirrels in Vancouver). They are pretty cute until they start chasing you for food.

My dad was carrying a plastic bag with just umbrellas and jackets, but I guess the monkeys were used to seeing other tourists carrying similar bags with food in it, so one monkey chased my dad trying to snatch the bag from him (haha! I know I shouldn’t be laughing but it looked REALLY FUNNY! Sorry Dad! XD).



Amazing food Beijing! The restaurant we went to was a work of Art. It was a place full of Chinese Calligraphy. The dishes themselves are a work of art too! And they didn’t just look good!

But Beijing, you are SO crowded! It wasn’t the best time to visit Tiananmen Square because everyone was on vacation. We initially wanted to see the Forbidden City but it was so crowded that we lost our interest…The line up for tickets was longer than a Disney ride line up (more than 3 hours in the scorching sun). Instead we went shopping where there was AC, which for me was another way of having fun! That’s where I got the grey bag I’ve been wearing a lot lately!

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