Autumn Office Look

Get ready for more professional looks this season!

Style evolution is dependent on one’s experience, age and outlooks. I used to be into colorful, bright, and statement looks. I now find myself gravitating towards simple, classy and minimal looks that’s work appropriate. That’s why I love looking at fashion blogs such as “9to5chic” or “Extrapetite” where there are tons of outfit inspirations for professional women.

I’m currently going through a little bit of a career transition right now, or if you will, discovering my true passion. The nature of your work will determine what you wear. My current ‘work apparel’ is predominately casual and laid back because it’s more independent and involves less socializing, so it doesn’t matter how you present yourself. But I’d like to transition into a more collaborative environment where my personal presentation becomes more important as I will be attending meetings and be a part of external communications (vague eh?? I’ll share more details later). This would mean a style change and more professional looks such as this one.

So for all the working ladies out there, make sure you stay tuned for future work-related outfit posts! Oh yes! About this outfit…Well, I love blanket scarfs and turtle necks, so it’s all of my favorite in one!!!

 Where to shop: 

Top: Winners

Pant: Wilfred (Different colours available here)

Heels: ZARA basics

Scarf: TopShop

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Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤ 

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