Tips On Staying Organized 

This one is for all the working people out there who have full-time work along with other life commitments.

I for one, love to indulge in my pastimes such as dance and blogging. I also volunteer in my community at local health centre and participate in one-on-one mentorship programs where I can give support for youth. I also hit the gym 3-4 times a week on average and these are all on top of a 40-hour/week of full-time work (you can find out more about what I do here). I am also studying for exams because I’m taking part-time continuing education courses to hopefully advance my career to the next level.

 I was sitting at the coffee shop today, casually browsing through my planner and also jotting down my upcoming events. I never realized how much I had going on until I start looking back at the activities I’ve done. It may be hard to believe but I LOVE being busy! Having many things going on in my life actually prompt me to work harder and more efficiently. I believe we have massive potential to achieve a lot in life while balancing them all at the same time. It’s just the matter of proper time management and organization. Today I am sharing with you the ways in which I stay on top of all of my activities and tasks!

  1. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN: Don’t rely on your memory because you will be disappointed at how incompetent we are at remembering details. That’s why I always carry my planner with me and write down upcoming events so I can properly plan for them.
  2. BE PREEMPTIVE: Also known as don’t procrastinate! When there is time to do something, even if it’s not due immediately, JUST DO IT! You will be thankful when you do because there will always be other things coming up all of a sudden and you might find yourself scrambling, and wishing you did it when you had all that free time. This also means preemptive communication. If you know something is coming up, ensure you inform all the relevant people so they can also prepare for what’s to come.
  3. STOP, BREATHE AND PLAN: The execution part is actually the easiest. It’s important you give more time to plan rather than to do. Doing would be highly inefficient if the actions are not properly planned, which in turn would simply be a waste of time. When there is a time crunch, stop, breathe and plan. Planning involves streamlining the tasks so you know exactly which comes first, second and so forth. This would mean prioritizing (what’s more important? What’s more immediate? Can things be done concurrently?) and determining the critical tasks (tasks that needs to get done first because subsequent actions depend on it). Once that’s figured out, then go do it! Things will be a lot more smoother and efficient that way.
  4. MAKE IT A HABIT: Many activities can become habitual, once they do, then it will become highly efficient. For example, I have to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I usually go right after work. When something becomes a habit, it doesn’t take up any brain power anymore, you simply do it as if it is a reflex. This will increase your efficiency, thus saving time.
  5. SPREAD IT OUT: Don’t try and finish a major task in one sitting. First of all, being hasty will affect the quality of your work. Second, you will run the risk of burning out.
  6. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Find the best way for you to actually track your progress so you are fully aware of how much you’ve done and how much you have left. If I have a task I need to complete by a certain due date, I’ll write make a note on the deadline. I’ll also make note in my planner the ‘milestones’ I hope to achieve on certain dates before that. For example, if I have an upcoming exam in 4 weeks, I will mark down in advance for each week leading up to the exam what I’d like to accomplish (finish reviewing certain chapters? Complete  how many practice questions?). Be specific and set clear and achievable goals.


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Beverage: Matcha latte (Green) and Turmeric Almond Latte (Yellow)

Thank you for reading! I hope you like these tips! 


Viv ❤

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