Casual Vibes

Happy Monday!

Just a casual day running errands, but I always ensure I stay warm and comfortable in Vancouver weather with fluctuating temperatures. I’m currently on a hunt for Fall cardigans because you simply can not get by in Vancouver without cardigans. Mornings are chilly with a low of 10C degrees while the afternoon can warm up to a high of mid 20C. I could be wearing sweaters in the morning, but tank top in the afternoon. Cardigans are such great layering pieces that give the option of putting it on or taking it off depending on weather. So style is largely dependent on the local climate. Thankfully, Vancouver’s clothing shops have plenty of cardigans to choose from.

Where to shop:

Top: PLENTY (Here)

Cardigan: Community (Here)

Shorts: Babaton (Similar here)

Sandals: Sterling (Old)

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you have a great week! 


Viv ❤

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