Green Salad
Bison Meat
 Some sort of sea food…Cod I believe
Duck Meat

 What’s weekend without a little food post eh?

So instead of starting a Yelp account, I thought I share all of my food adventures here on my blog because I’m just that annoying person who stops everyone from eating their food just to take a photo first. Well, there is an obvious reason why I do it…

Food is a form of Art – Culinary Art. Aside of just enjoying the taste, I like the whole experience comprising of ambience, presentation, and service. I absolutely love the feeling when I indulge in a fine meal when it feels like an artistic experience. I’m picky when it comes to presentation because I want to see that the chief has put effort and care into his/her creations, and I’m always more than willing to try new restaurants. Fortunately, Vancouver is known to be one of the gourmet capital of Canada, or even North America because it is highly multicultural. I have the opportunity to try out cuisines from all over the world.

Forage is a small Western-styled restaurant in the hub of Downtown, Vancouver. Their food is absolutely excellent and I learned that everything is grown or raised in BC. The service was top-notch; The servers were fantastic and knowledgeable of the menu. The presentation – need I say more – was meticulous and detailed. The ambience was clean and modern, but it didn’t have any particular theme which I wished could be a little different to enhance the experience. And of course, with a meal like this, it wasn’t a cheap eat but it was still within reason. Below is my personal rating of the restaurant if you are interested in trying it out.

Location: 1300 Robson St. Vancouver (Here is their website

Food/Drinks: ****

Price: $$$$

Ambience: ***

Service: ****

Presentation: ***

Overall rating: ***

***** being the highest

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you ever go to Forage! 


Viv ❤

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