Ask for Luigi 

A charming little Italian restaurant that makes home-made pastas!

Here’s another mouth-watering food post of a charming little Italian restaurant in the East side of downtown Vancouver.

There’s only enough seating for approximately 20 people. The wait time is usually 2 – 3 hours. We lined up in the pouring rain on a Saturday evening before it opened. At that time, there was already 10 parties in front of us. Was it really worth the wait?

The place is known for their home-made pastas. So everything is fresh and authentic. The tight space also gives the place its own unique vibe. The wait increases the anticipation! I’d definitely go back for the food, but I don’t look forward to trying to find parking or waiting in line for hours. However, if you are looking for an authentic Italian experience, then I do recommend this small restaurant that have made into the top restaurant list on Urbanspoon. So to answer the question, yes it was worth the wait for first-timers like us. But make sure you give yourself plenty of time for commute because the location isn’t the most convenient. And the surrounding isn’t the most impressive.

Thank you for reading! 


Viv ❤

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