A trip to Vandussen Botanical garden in Vancouver…

It finally feels like Summer. I can finally roam around in a pair of shorts and tank. This is the first official summer look this year!

I haven’t walked into Forever21 for a long time…and I mean a LONG time. This cardigan was a serendipitous find. I say this because the quality and material feels more high-end. I was sold on the color and the length. I am a big fan of long and flowy cardigans anyways (I probably have too many) mainly because I appreciate the fact that it covers everything and gives an extra layer of warmth when it gets too breezy.

Cheers to Tuesday! Hope y’all have a fantastic week full of sunshine!

Where to shop: 

Cardigan: Forever 21 (You should still find it in store)

Tank top: Babaton (available here)

Shorts: Wilfred (more colors available here)

Sneakers: Puma (from Browns)

Necklace: Swarovski (here)

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Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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