Black and white contrast with Nature’s brightest colour!

Happy Friday ladies and gents! I can finally feel the weather getting warm enough to just layer on a light-weight cardigan. (I’m telling you cardigans are the way to go for temperate-rain-forest like climates). The simple black and white combination gives the perfect contrast against the blooming flowers in May.

I wanted to be comfortable so I often opt for loose-fitted clothing such as the one I’m wearing today. This is why I am also a fan of pointed flats, because I need something to offset/streamline the bagginess on top. Pointy shoes  has the ability to slim down and make the entire outfit look more tailored and sophisticated. Not going to lie, I often wear this kind of outfit to work because it’s comfortable and professional looking at the same time.

I have to be emphatic about this shoes because they were a recent purchase. I use to focus more on foot wears that are fashionable and trendy, and boy, was that a mistake! Now I have so many pairs of shoes I bought that are just sitting there because they are great to look at but not so comfortable to walk in.  I actually do a lot of walking throughout the day, the worst possible scenario is a pair of shoes that gives me blisters or bloody feet (it’s painful and I end up walking like a penguin). That’s definitely not the best way to spend my  money, Now I’ve become more practical and selective when it comes to buying shoes, and the number 1 requirement is comfort! I don’t need the shoes to be like runners, but at least they should allow me to walk for a reasonable amount of time without making me feel sore. This is why I’ve been going to Ronsons more often. They carry brands such as Clarks, ROCKPORT and ECCO that are known for making comfy shoes. These pair is the best one I own so far. They have padded in soles which makes them soft and provides just the right amount of cushioning. On top of this, they are pretty stylish and can go with a variety of summer outfits! What do you guys think?

Where to shop:

Sandal: Ronsons ( The brand ROCKPORT here)

Black tank: EXPRESS

Pants: Aritzia (Cohen pants by Babaton. See collection here)

Cardigan: Aritzia (old)

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Viv ❤

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