Tips for Strange Weather…

Yep, I’m still wearing my Winter jacket in April..

It’s getting harder and harder to cope with this unprecedented cold weather situation in Vancouver. We are almost through with April, yet I still have to wear the same jacket I was wearing in December. It’s windy yet at times it’s sunny which makes it too hot to wear anything too thick in doors. Has anymore experience this strange weather which makes it hard to figure out what’s appropriate to wear?  Here are a few tips I use when I’m trying to pick out an outfit when I’m struggling to pick out an outfit:

  1. Cardigans are you best friend: Because you can take them on and off depending on how warm or cold it is. Add the extra layer or take it off when you need to…
  2. Try ankle pants or 3/4 pants: This is when it’s warm but not so warm to wear shorts. Keep the lose fitted at the bottom to make things airy and breathable.
  3. Flats and Oxford shoes with liner socks: I don’t know about you but these shoes look so much better when your colourful socks aren’t showing. But you shouldn’t not wear socks either. In the summer, I wear shoes with liner socks. This will prevent excessive sweating and will look much better without the extra fabric sticking out.
  4. A sleeveless blouse underneath the jacket: Because when you can take off the jacket/cardigen when it gets too warm and still wouldn’t look out of place with you ankle pants and oxford shoes.

Hope these tips can help you when dealing with weather that just can’t seem to make up its mind…

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