Instagram Roundup 

My most recent Instagram snaps! A snippet of my style/life/travel gallery and taste!

I love doing these Instagram roundups every now and then! It’s nice to see holistically, how my feed turned out. I  don’t have elaborate style, actually I like to wear simple things only making a statement occasionally. I do like green and foliage so I love taking my photos in front of luscious greenery and/or flowers in full bloom, that’s why my feed always looks vibrant and colourful! I do alter the colour and highlight a little bit just to accentuate the contrasting colours, but never go overboard.

The trick to make the entire feed look well-put-together is to have an overall theme and stick to it. Mine is obviously, colorful/vibrant using background of nature and foliage. There tons of other Instagrammer with amazing feeds: minimalism with lots of negative space, blush toned with lots of pink and baby blue, grungy with dark lighting…My theme reflects who I am and where I live, a zestful girl next door who resides in the beautiful city of Vancouver (with a temperate rainforest ecosystem) I’m lucky to call home ❤

Really hope you like my gallery!!


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Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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