Blooming PINK!

Cherry Blossom season in Vancouver!

Hope you enjoy these vibrant cherry blossom photos! I guess you could call this a snippet of Spring time in Vancouver. Although this year we’ve experienced unprecedented chillier Winter and Spring, but at least the blooming cherry blossoms is a reminder that warmer weather is on its way!

I like to wear lighter colours in the Spring and Summer. Baby blue is my top choice because  I think it just naturally renders a refreshing vibe, AND it perfectly compliments the colour pink, which is what you see in Vancouver at this time of year. This outfit is actually inspired by the new pair of bow sneakers I got from Ronson’s. I instantly feel in love with the grey colour because of how versatile and how appropriate it would be for Spring and Summer. The bow makes the shoes ultra feminine and the sneaker style instantly dresses down any outfit to something more casual and practical. Ronson is known for carrying comfy shoes and comfort is highly valued when you have to be in multiple places in one day running errands…You will definitely be seeing more of these babies! ❤

Where to shop

Shirt: Dynamite (old)

Jeans: ZARA basics (Also check American Eagle as they have stretchy jeggings)

Bag: Burberry (old)

Shoes: Ronsons (here and available in other colors)

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Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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