Fitness Log

Improving my flexibility 5 seconds at a time…



I have been recently trying to improve my flexibility and incorporate some stretches as part of my fitness routine. I am naturally not a flexible person. That may be surprising but I needed to work EXTREMELY hard to get to where I am now. But flexibility is important for everyone as it helps to alleviate muscle tension and prevents injuries, especially ergonomic injury for our inevitable sedentary lifestyles.

I wanted to do this log as a way for me to update my progress with all of you. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you to adopt to a stretching routine to improve your flexibilities. Stretching can be very painful and disappointing at first, especially when you don’t notice any improvements. But it’s very rewarding when your effort pays off, like me the first time I achieved my side split.

Stretch routine: 

Side Split on each side, holding for 1 minute on each side X5

Middle split holding for 1 minute X5

Bridge X5 holding for 10 seconds

Hamstring stretch hold for 1 minute X5

I will increase the holding time by 5 seconds every time until I am able to hold for 5 minutes for each stretch. Then my goal would be to work on my overstretch! Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by loves!


Viv ❤ 


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