Patterns on Patterns

One of my favourite neutral combinations


I always fall back on the good ole basics. Grey and black will always be my favourite color combination. They are the two most classy and timeless colors that can never go out of style. If you haven’t noticed, there are actually four patterns in one outfit: monochrome (coat and sweater), large grid (scarf), small grid (pants) and polka dot (booties). This works because there’s more of one color to off set the other pattern that has more of the other color. I’ve easily broken that no-more-than-one-pattern fashion rule, yet the outfit is not chaotic because I only have two colors! It’s the subtlety that actually makes it stand out. This may seem like a paradox but it works…I urge you to try this with the grey and black pieces in your wardrobe.

Sorry guys, no “where I got this outfit” links this time because all the items were purchased more than a year ago. Ok except for that bag…it’s the classic cross body from  Louis Vuitton (got it as a gift! I lucked out!)

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