Choker V-neck

Sweater: ROMWE (c/o)





Happy Family Day (if you are a BC resident)! Apologies for not posting for…I don’t remember how long. Vancouver has been experiencing the heaviest snow fall it has ever experienced in 12 years. I usually don’t mind snow but not in a city that is not prepared for it. I literally couldn’t get home for 3 consecutive days because the transit system shut down, and street traffic was utter chaos! What would take me 30 minutes to get home took 3-4 hours. Anyways, I’m glad we got some sunny breaks this weekend so I could actually wear something other than a parka and snow shoes.

Ok, now let’s talk about fashion. I realized that chokers are a hot trend right now, from accessories to clothing. I picked out this lavender choker V-neck sweater from ROMWE (they currently have a massive sale!). I think it looks SOO flattering on. I personally love V-neck shirts because I think it’s sexy and classy for a woman to show off her collar bone. But at the same time I’m a HUGE fan of turtle neck sweaters too; They are a timeless fashion staple. In my opinion, a choker V-neck integrated the two styles together, and the other upside is that it acts like a necklace, so you can skip the accessorizing portion of the ‘outfit-picking’ struggle. I like how the sweater was able to accentuate my neck and collarbone in a tasteful way, making the entire outfit look feminine yet stylish at the same time!

Where to shop my outfit:

Top: ROMWE (ON SALE here) (c/o)

Bag: Louis Vuitton (here)

Boots: Thrifting

Jeans: American Eagle Jeggings (here)

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Viv ❤

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