A bit unusual, but I like it…










Happy start of a brand new week!

Today’s outfit may be a little unusual  compared to what I usually wear because of this embroidered faux fur jacket. This is something I would never have picked out on my own if I saw it on the hanger. You could say it was partially my mom’s choice because she picked it out and asked me to try it on, and then I ended up loving it! I love it because number one, it’s unbelievably warm which makes it very practical for the current Vancouver weather, and number two it’s unique because you don’t see embroidered faux fur everyday. Number three, I was sold on the color because you also don’t see navy colored faux fur everyday.

I would say I’m adventurous when it comes to fashion but being honest, I have to pay my bills too! So I wouldn’t purchase pieces that I know I won’t get much use of even if it looks fashionable. I would opt for items that looks flattering and are practical at the same time, meaning I could wear them on multiple occasions and they are of good quality to keep me warm. This jacket was one of those. The embroidery is so beautiful that it reminded me of the kinds of patterns you would see on Chinese paintings or the gown of traditional Chinese clothing. I feel that culture inspired clothing are the trend right now. I see many jackets with beautiful works of embroidery that adds an extra touch of character and vibrance.

Where to shop the outfit:

Jacket: ZARA (Having their Winter clearance sale!! here)

Pants: American Eagle

Boots: ALDO shoes (on sale here)

Bag: Michael Kors (on sale here! But different colors)

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Thanks for reading! 


Viv ❤

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