Disney World, Orlando Florida II

One of my favourite: Animal Kingdom in Disney World


Where the tree is actually from. The centre of Animal Kingdom! I love this shot. I initially thought it was a real tree until I saw the carvings.  

While we were lining up for the ride. The entire place is based off of Nepal.

The legendary Yeti. The whole premise of this roller coaster ride is we climb Everest while dodging Yetis.

This is supposed to be Mount Everest! Seriously one of the best ride! The atmosphere and set-up is AMAZING!  


I don’t know what this one is…but he looked cool.

A real tree in the Safaris.
  Alligators chillin’

Went on the tour around the zoo! A great way to get some close-up shots!

The happy family: guy eating lettuce and girl…minding her own business…

Cool African cultural dance on the streets! Some killer acrobatic moves!

Street musicians

Lion King Festival! I was excited about this one because Lion King is one of my all time favourite Disney film! Cried every time Mufasa died…T^T

Getting our afternoon tea in ‘Africa’  

I can’t reach the donkey…I made donkey noises but it totally ignored me, but the people around me certainly stared XD

The petting zoo!

Second round of Disney’s adventure photos! Thanks for tuning in guys. And as always, if you’d like to travel to the places I talk about in my posts, do feel free to message me any time if you like some travel tips and advice.

Not much fashion happening I know, because it was chilly that day and I had a mild case of food poisoning so I just wore what I felt was comfortable and warm (sweats).

I liked animal kingdom a lot! It didn’t have as many rides as Magic Kingdom. To be honest, as we get older, rides aren’t as appealing as just sight-seeing and show-watching. Animal Kingdom integrated Zoology and Disney’s animal films. It was the perfect combination and totally appropriate for people who enjoy slow rides and a good atmosphere, such as myself because I get motion sickness easily (especially on simulators).

My ride recommendations for Animal Kingdom is: Expedition Everest (Killer Roller Coaster that goes backwards), Kilimanjaro Safaris (Jeep tour where you can get really close to wild animals), Kali River Rapids (you WILL get wet!), Dinasour (Fantastic!), It’s tough to be bug (my fav!)

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Thanks for reading! 


Viv ❤

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