Lessons of 2016

Some of the best moments and what I learned in 2016

Outfit of the Day!

L: Cobalt vs. Mint. M: Jumpsuit look-alike.  R: Herringbone

L: Keepin’ it Midi. M: The White Canvas. R: When denim meets Maxi

L:  When you don’t know what to wear. M: Lace, Leather, Suede R: Grey scale

L: Skirts or Pants? Both! M: Elegant Denim R: Summer cold shoulders

L: Styling a Bomber M: Quick Silver R: Simply Navy

L: Pleated Fun.  M: 50 shades of Grey R: Office Lady

L: Pre-Fall M: Vancouver Fashion Week SS17. R: First Glimpse of Autumn

L: Vest Perfect. M: Leather Weather. R: Autumn Culottes

L: Poncho Season. M: Olive & Navy. R: Orange foliage

L: Warm yet frump free. M: Mustard and Oxford. R: Leopard

Scandinavian Vacation

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Happy 2017 everyone! Here’s 2016 in a nutshell, including some of my best OOTDs and my family trip to Scandinavia.

It’s important to reflect on your past but not dwell on it. I self-reflect from time to time because I’m able to see the events in a more objective manner, thereby figuring out what could be done better and improving myself. 2016 has been a year where I realized a couple of things:

1. Everything involves hard work: I use to believe there are things called GPA boosters in school or ‘chill’ jobs. In reality, there is no such thing as getting a good output without the input. Everything needs a decent amount of effort for a turnout, especially a good turnout.

2. Perseverance is more important in success than talent: People can often times reach a short-term goal with talent. Sometimes, people stop moving forward and just stayed in one place for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, people face failure and become despondent. I find those who truly make it till the end may not necessarily be the most gifted, but they sure are the ones who persevered!

3. Taming your temper saves relationships: I admit that I sometimes get emotional, frustrated, and even angry the people around me. We all have those moments where we just want to ‘let them have it’ or ‘give them a piece of our minds’. Try and control those impulsive actions to say or do something hurtful. Simply walking away and not starting any confrontation will save your relationship. Not trying to argue or correct other people by taming your temper makes you a stronger person, because you are able to control your emotions and not letting that damage what’s more valuable.

4. Confidence is important and should be internal:  Confidence rising from how you see and evaluate yourself regardless of what other people say or do. Confidence means security because others will have no effect in how you feel about yourself. So be confident, know your strength, know your weakness and know that you are unique and gifted in your own way. Don’t let anyone else tell you how much you are worth. The only opinion that matters is yours!

5. Sometimes, attitude is more important than knowledge: Imagine a new graduate entering the work force/adult world for the first time. Someone who’s fresh, naive and believe the world is sugar, spice and everything nice…Well sometimes life gets complicated and people gets complicated. For an entry level employee without a lot of assets, it doesn’t matter if you have 4.0GPA in school because once you start working, it’s a clear slate and attitude becomes crucial! Be open-minded towards things and people, take criticism with a nod and a smile, have a good attitude towards learning and self-improvement and be willing to change. Just remember, knowledge can be taught, but a bad attitude won’t get you anywhere!

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Viv ❤

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