Maybe we won’t have a white Christmas after all…






Finally Vancouver is back to its rainy self. I never thought I would be so happy to see the rain. It’s because it was SO cold and dry in the last couple of days I could almost feel my skin cracking. Maybe our Christmas will be a rainy one again…

Anyways, whatever the weather is like, I’m glad it’s the holidays! I talked about my obsession with scarves in my previous posts. Well, that obsession still hasn’t ended just yet as I was rummaging through my closet a couple of days ago and found this double-sided blanket scarf I got from 21 way back when I was probably still 21…I am much older now and I hardly shop there anymore. This was one of the few items I got from 21 that surprisingly lasted this long! It’s still in good shape and I still get so many compliments on the color and pattern. I especially like this one because it’s double-sided, like a two- for the price of one deal. It also made me realize quality matters over quantity. I recollect this scarf was one of the more expensive 21 purchase, but looks like it was totally worth it.

Where to shop the outfit: 

Sweater: Wilfred Free WOLTER sweater (all the colors of the rainbow here)

Scarf: Forever21 (real old but still awesome! Aritzia has scarves like this too!)

Boots: ALDO (on sale here)

Bag: Michael Kors (on sale! but I can’t find the link sorry 😦 )

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Viv ❤

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