November Updates 

November is a season in Vancouver where you could get a little groggy just because the days get dark at around 4:00pm and Mother Nature decides to rain incessantly for the entire month. It’s an undefined transition period between Autumn and Winter where the weather isn’t as distinct as your regular 4 seasons. It may seem like I haven’t been too active on my social media, that’s only because it’s been raining so hard that I had zero outdoor time, therefore zero chances to get some good OOTD shots. Nevertheless, the forecast says it’s going to clear up this weekend so I’ll get to capture some inspirational outfit shots for y’all.

Super excited about the upcoming months because well…Christmas!!! I have several parties to attend to as well as my two good friends who are in the running for Miss Vancouver Beauty Pageant! They are both my gorgeous dance mates who made it to top 10. I’m super happy and excited for them to compete on stage, showcasing their talent and what they worked hard for over the years.

I’m also in the midst of planning a Christmas trip to the happiest place on earth (can you guess where it is? Hint: it’s in Florida). The perfect opportunity to break from the humdrum of work life and get some much deserved time off!

As always, I hope my Instagram feed can bring a little more color and vibrance to your life!

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Viv ❤

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