Do what uplifts you! Soul of Dance 2016


My dance performance ‘Soul of Dance’ happened on the 6th of November…



Soul of the forest/The Golden Peacock



See me??



Caught in the Rain



Looking so serious…


“Give me water!!”





See where I am?


Drumming. A Korean style dance






Soloist and Duet


Backstage selfies!! Got so much make up on…

My dance academy hosts a big performance biannually that’s open to public, the show is called ‘Soul of Dance’. It’s always the most exciting time of the year to showcase what we have accomplished (in dance) to our family and friends.

I have always talked about dance but I rarely post dance photos so even my friends around me don’t know what style of dance I do. The elaborate costumes come from Chinese minority cultures. There are actually 56 ethnicities in China. Over 90% of Chinese belong to the ‘Han’ ethnic group, the others are scattered across the nation. Due to the geographical isolation throughout ancient Chinese history, people of different areas formed distinct culture, customs, tradition and language, giving rise to many ethnic groups. Dance is a way of expression for these groups and each has a unique style that can be taught in professional dance schools. My dance class is comprised of 50% of ballet basic techniques and 50% of cultural dances. I’ve been learning this style of dance for over 12 years and it has been the most enriching experience. The vibrant costumes, the emotion of each choreography, the heavy cardio workout, and the inspiring dancer friends are all of things that uplifts me.

I love being a part of the performance, but I still have to say that the behind-the-scenes effort is immeasurable, and this goes to everyone: dancers, teachers, staff, sponsors etc. Everything, even a hobby, involves responsibility, that in the end becomes a commitment. It’s a challenge trying to balance all the commitments in life, but I do try my best to find that fine balance because these activities truly uplift me, make me happier, and that’s what matters the most!

My academy’s website is if you are curious to know more about it. 

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As always, thanks for reading! 


Viv ❤

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