Olive & Navy


Happy Remembrance day! Celebrating a workless day with an Olive and Navy combination…






Introspection: Hope everyone had a somewhat restful week. I know what happened on Tuesday may cause us to be a little emotional…Every single social media channel has been inundated with opinions, threads, and news as people express their reactions to the result of the U.S. presidential election. I have never been into politics AT ALL. This is the closest I’ve followed any election (even more than Canada). I didn’t join in on any of the discussions and I don’t plan on it either, I know at this point whatever is being said is not going to change anything but I do have personal feelings towards the society as a whole. The result made me realize how divided and polarized a nation can be, how drastic our perspectives can differ. We embrace diversity and fear for it at the same time because it divides humanity. The second reason why I didn’t join in on any discussion is because I do not want to escalate the frustration, the negativity and add more to the separatism. What’s done is done…We may not have the ability to change our surroundings but we CAN change ourselves, our perspectives. Whatever happens in life (obstacles/difficulty/challenge/depressing situations), don’t feel powerless because we CAN still CHOOSE to live everyday with an open-mind, a loving heart, a positive spirit and the hope that every cloud has a silver lining.

Anyways…I needed to address that to get it off my chest. I’m happy that’s it’s Remembrance Day long weekend and not raining! I’m a huge turtle neck fan! My mom always tries to convince me I have more than enough turtle neck sweaters to get by in life, but my excuse is always “well…I don’t have that color.” So I obviously did not have a navy colored turtle neck with white stripes and so I bought it for that perfectly justifiable reason. I initially didn’t think olive would go with navy but I think they do complement each other since they are soft and muted. I would totally wear this to work, perhaps a nice pair of loafers to the office and then switch into a pair of nude or maybe even leopard print heels while I’m at the office. Trousers are great for this kind of transition, which make me wanna collect them too…Ok, one step at a time. I’ll have to first get over the turtle neck phase…XD

Where to shop my outfit: 

Sweater: Top Shop (recent purchase, you could still find it)

Trouser: Aritzia

Beanie: Top Shop

Heels: ZARA basics

Bag: ALDO Accessories


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Viv ❤

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