Poncho Season


In lieu of cardigans…







BOO!! Happy Halloween Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine has been quite crazy due to non-stop dress rehearsals (Dance performance on the 6th of November). I had some small Halloween arts and craft project on the side because we are having a costume and decoration contest at work. It’s like I’m back in High school again working on a group Art project… It’s great to be able to add some laughter and fun to the supposed stressful and professional work environment. I love this kind of atmosphere where we can horse around once in awhile and unleash some of that inner creativity.

In other news, it stopped raining on Sunday! Thank goodness because I could actually go outdoors that get an OOTDs taken in the natural sunlight. I was inspired by some bloggers who wore ponchos in lieu of a cardigan. If you live in Vancouver or know Vancouver, you’ll know the importance of pieces that could function like a cardigan. One moment it could be raining cats and dogs, and before you know it the sky is clear and you could go to the beach in your bikinis (just kidding…but you know what I mean). So wearing something you can throw on and take off on top of your basic T or sweater is crucial to surviving the temperamental weather conditions. The great thing about a poncho is that the dimension is not as important, it’s meant to be oversized and baggy which makes it a good gift to give someone if your not sure of their size. The fact it’s just a big piece of fabric also makes it extremely versatile. You could wear it as a cardigan, a scarf, and even a shawl.  Anyways, just have fun with it and stay warm, which it’s also great for!

Where to shop my outfit: 

Poncho: Tallinn, Estonia (I bought in on my Scandinavian trip so apologies if you are thinking of buying this style and pattern because I got it on the other side of the planet XD But this is just an inspirations. There are ponchos everywhere!)

White turtle neck: ZARA basics

Felt wool hat: Calvin Klein

Boots: Browns

Bag: Coach

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Viv ❤

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