Autumn Culottes


If you are sick of wearing jeans then how about a pair of culottes to spice up your Fall wardrobe?






Hope everyone had a fantastic week. First of all, life updates! This week has been super hectic as I have an imminent dance performance (November 6th to be exact). So I’m spending pretty much the entire weekend going to dress rehearsals. I also try to squeeze in a couple of volunteer shifts at my local hospital/senior house, and occasionally go into to work. In the end, this leaves me no time for anything else (no sleeping-ins, no shopping, no blogging, no OOTD photos ūüė¶ ). ¬†At times I just wanted to find excuses to opt out of some of these commitments, but I disciplined myself not to because I realized that a lot of times life is more about responsibility rather than doing whatever you please. Since I have been entrusted as a performer, a volunteer and an full-time employee, then I need to commit to them because there are people are relying on me. There’s stress but most importantly motivation because I feel an increase of self-worth knowing others trust me and are willing to let me take on those responsibilities.

I did manage to get an OOTD this weekend though because the weather was so nice (not raining)! I wanted to do this one because I was tired of the same old look with jeans. I wanted to changed things up a bit with a pin stripe culottes. The trick to wearing culottes colder temperature is to either pair with boots or another fun way is to wear black tights underneath and heels. The booties I was wearing is from Arctica. The brand makes decent looking water-proof shoes that are not rubber boots. I was just being preemptive because who knows, the next second Vancouver might decide to rain again. Thankfully it didn’t.

Where I got stuff: 

Leather Jacket: American Eagle

Scarf: Topshop

Booties: Browns (the brand Arctica)

Culottes: old (Can’t remember, an off-price retail store)

Bag: Michael Kors (love this one, been carrying it everyday)

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As always, thanks for visiting! 


Viv ‚̧

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