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Survive the Fall with a few simple wardrobe staples you may already have in your closet…








So there has been a storm going on in Vancouver. We were all warned over the media to stay in doors and stock up on supplies in case of a power outage. I’m lucky because I live in an area below sea level, so the last couple of days just felt like typical Vancouver weather (non-stop rain). These days have been quite busy as I am approaching the big day for my dance performance (November, 6th). My weekdays are work and gym and my weekends are spent going to rehearsals, so I hardly have time for the blog…so forgive me if I disappear for a couple of days after this.

I always stand in front of my closet for 5-10 minutes in my undergarments, trying to make up my mind about what to wear for the day, you know the typical “I don’t have anything to wear” moment that all women experience everyday even though we are the ones that do the most shopping. Half of the time I ended up grabbing what I wore the day before. These days I felt super lazy so I’ve been resorting to sweats and sneakers because I could wear them over my leotard and tights. When I put together this OOTD I realized that there are a few simple pieces that we should all have in our closet to be effortless and fashionable during chilly days. One is a classy turtle neck of a neutral color. Two is a pair of over the knee boots because they elongate your legs and slim down the bulk of all the layers. Three is a wool hat to finish off the look (or hide a bad hair day like me). You could’ve just rolled out of bed and still look well put together with these simple pieces. Next just accessorize however you like: throw on a patterned scarf, or a fur vest, or a jacket paired with an oversized tote bag. Oh, a statement necklace will also add some glam. I didn’t today because I was just, well…lazy.

Where I got stuff: 

White turtle neck: LOFT

Boots: ALDO shoes

Jeans: American Eagle

Hat: Nine West

Bag: Coach

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Viv ❤

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