Leather Weather

A leather jacket gives edge, class, warmth and versatility…






I used to be this geeky kid (still am sometimes) who was super conservative when it comes to style and would consider a leather jacket to be too edgy or WAY out of my league. I didn’t own any leather jacket until I graduated from university. I was inspired by a Youtuber who had a grungy style and her OOTDs often revolved around a simple black leather jacket. That’s how my appreciation for leather jackets started (that’s also when I began to follow some beauty gurus to seek for fashion inspirations and beauty tips). Now I never hesitate to bring them out and pair them with a skirt or a pair of (ripped) jeans.

I’ve definitely grown bolder over the years, style-wise and personality-wise. I’m willing to discover new pieces of clothing that could bring out my best features and confidence; I am also willing to step out of my comfort zone by overcoming my fears and improving myself. My style evolution over the years is analogous to my personal growth: from dull, conservative, and unoriginal to bolder, more colorful, and more unique. I didn’t use superlative terms here because I’m still evolving and growing. I like seeing that change as I go through each stage of my life. I mean looking at my photo now, I never would’ve imagined myself wearing a camel colored leather jacket and blue strappy heels. Likewise, I never would’ve imagined myself, that awkward geeky kid back in school who had zero taste in fashion, becoming a fashion blogger! Expect the unexpected guys!

Where I got stuff: 

Turtle neck: Topshop (actually a dress)

Denim skirt: Aritzia

Leather Jacket: ZARA

Bag: Michael Kors

Shoes: Expression (as The Bay)

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As always, thanks for visiting! 


Viv ❤

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