September Instagallery 

Happy Tuesday lovelies! I always hope the colors could brighten up your day.

Autumn in Vancouver is such a beautiful season. I noticed my intagallery inadvertently took on a yellow-ish hue, probably because I’m seeing too much of maple leafs all over the place. I’m just crossing my finger it wouldn’t rain because I really want to take some outfit photos this weekend…Didn’t get a chance to do that because I was rehearsing for dance and taking promotional photos for our big performance coming up! I’ll do a post on that later, I’m sure you’ll LOVE the fashion!

So what’s new in September? Well, I started watching two TV series under the strong recommendation of a close friend, who I trust should have the same taste in shows since we have similar taste in cloth. I’m so detached from the pop culture because I don’t watch any TV shows (except for ‘Friends’, I watched every episode at least 3 times…). I tried in the past but haven’t found a show that appealed to me. So, my friend told me to watch ‘How to get away with murder’ and ‘Stranger things’. I gotta say, I now know why we stay friends because we DO have the same taste in TV shows. I finished the first season of ‘Stranger things’ in 2 days, and in full anticipation of the second season which is suppose to come out on Netflix in early 2017. ‘How to get away with murder’ has got me hook all day. I don’t have OCD yet, but I might soon. If you like mystery, detective, suspense, a little horror, and some SciFi, then you should like these shows.

Anyways, I don’t know why this post has turned into a discussion about TV series rather than my September feed…But I hope you like the photos and I hope you like the shows if you do decided to take my word for them!

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Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


Viv ❤

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