Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2017

My first Fashion Week experience was a blast! Sharing some photos of a few of my favourite collection…


As we wait to enter the venue….so many local fashionistas all dressed up!


Local jewelry designers showing their fab collection! The rings are crocheted!


The runway set before the crowd filled in.


A must-take photo! I adore this red jumpsuit I got ON SALE at Top shop. Never found a better opportunity to wear it!

Where I got stuff: 

Jumpsuit: Topshop

Shoes: Towns shoes

Bag (although you can’t see): Michael Kors



Feeling like a red carpet moment! So much adrenaline as we wait for the show to begin! 

My friend Tinya looking gorg! She’s a minimalist, someone who is into neutrals. I totally persuaded her to buy the burgundy heels instead of black (I know…peer pressure). But she looks awesome in them because they give a color pop to her neutral outfit.

Where she got stuff: 

Top: Aritzia

Skirt: OAK + FORT

Heels: ALDO

Bag: Celine

An all-white collection from ‘Zeyi Studio’. What I really liked about this one is all the creative draping that gave the minimalism more of an edge and idiosyncrasy.


This is also an all-white collection called ‘Sharleez Concept’. These designs are gown as opposed to the casual edgy style of ‘Zeyi Studio’. I think I would actually wear them to formal settings. I feel like some of them could be wedding dresses…



My favourite gown from the collection. Totally in love with the crochet details! So fab!

Another gown collection by ‘Sam Stringer’. It’s got amazing colors and shiny and lace details. I would totally wear some of these to a formal event! The lines are feminine but I think it’s got an edge to the designs making them look more fashionable and unique.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection by designer Johanna DiNardo. The entire collection is pretty much just black, which is one of the timeless color. I think it’s much harder to design for fashion that will allow such neutral color to stand out. But I think this designer really made this her own! I think the lace mask is super elegant and sexy. The design, shape and drape are all on point! I don’t think I would wear even gowns, but I still enjoyed watching all of the designs to the point where I was on the edge of my seat, full of anticipation for the next model to walk out.


I felt emotionally connected to this one by ‘XY’ because it is inspired by Chinese ethnic fashion. Prior to this runway walk, the screen played videos of ethnic minority groups in their traditional clothing. Then there was a violinist who played one minute of the famous song ‘Liangzhu’ which is pretty much the Chinese Romeo and Juliet. The reason I felt connected is because I do Chinese ethnic minority dance, so some of the clothing has similar patterns to my dance costume. I like how the designer modernized the outfits but was still able to take the intricate tribal patterns to give it more life and vibrance.


Last but not least, this has got to be my favourite collection by Atelier Grandi. There are only three colors: black, white and blue. The selling point on this one is the flower details and the design. I love the scattered flower design, I think it’s absolutely stunning!! The line is very dainty, elegant and romantic. The models looked very classy, clean and sharp. I would wear some of these outfits to a formal setting, maybe on a date or even to the office (Not the see-through ones though…haha).

LOL…where is my tongue?? Obligatory snapchat selfie with another Fashion fanatic who is also a Science nerd!

We had so much fun dressing up, watching creative and artistic minds come to life. Fashion design is totally different from styling. I’m simply into taking pieces that already exists and putting them together in such a way that’s balanced and aesthetically pleasing which then reflects my personal taste. Design is a whole new level where something is made out of nothing. This really takes a lot of creative energy and I have a lot of respect for designers out there who seem to have no bound in their creativity and imagination.  But regardless of designing or styling, they all have one common attribute, that is, the end product will always reflect the inside of the person who made it happen! I think fashion is a way of expression, to show off who you are and to be proud of who you are. Once that confidence is there, there’s nothing to stop you from reaching your goals!

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Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


Viv ❤

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