Skin care product review


Another skin care product review! Pros and cons of some of the most recent products I’ve tried!


Why two toners? Because I use the ‘pink’ one for my face and the ‘blue’ one for my neck. The pink toner has a creamy texture so it is more viscous than the ‘blue’ one. The blue toner feels just like water, but still has a chemical balance. One of the great thing about these toners from Lancome is their 400ml packaging. I have dry skin so I like to apply my toner more than once before applying moisturizer. Just the enormous size is a bonus because these lasts me longer!

Pink: I highly recommend this toner for hydration if you have normal to dry skin. It’s milky but absorbs well into the skin. My mom has been using this for a long time and I think it is a good deal too if you compare the price and the volume you are getting. The only minor issue I have is that sometimes when I use this toner with other products, my face could feel a tad stinging. I suspect it’s because the chemicals have a bit of reaction. But, it won’t affect me from repurchasing this toner again.

Blue: This one feels like water when you pour it out of the bottle because it’s very light-weight. I think it’s a good product for people with oily skin. I use it on my neck because I add an extra routine to my facial care dedicated to the neck area (read about it here). Again, the size is perfect because I like products that have a good value and are more long-lasting, particularly if I tend to use a lot of it. The only downside is that I don’t use a cotton pad (because I think it’s wasteful) and the bottle opening is quite big, so sometimes I pour all over the place…I wish they had better packaging.


Super City Block from Clinique: I used up my sunscreen from Shiseido so my Mom recommended this BB cream (foundation with SPF) from Clinique. My mom has been using this product for years on a daily basis and she absolutely loves it because of its anti-aging effects. One of the biggest cause of wrinkles and spots is UV. So protect your skin against sunlight is probably the most important anti-aging measure you could take. The reason is that UV light (particularly UVA) destroys the protein called ‘elastin’ in your skin, which is an important component in the connective tissue that gives your skin the elasticity to look tight. Most common sunscreen products protect the skin against UVB because it contributes to the development of skin cancer. This City block BB cream has protection against UVB and UVA so I love it’s dual effects! The only advice is to use a matte primer because your skin could get oily at the end of the day (pore professional by benefit is a good one).


Boscia Sake Balm: I currently have the moisturizer from Amorpacific, but because it’s an expensive brand, I sometimes use the sake balm instead. It has got an interesting texture, almost reminds me of mango pudding. But it’s a great product because once you apply it on to the skin, it immediately spreads out and become more liquid-like. A small scoop is sufficient for the entire face. And like pudding, it’s got a lot of surface tension so I almost feel like I need a spoon to eat, I mean apply it. XD


Brightening cleansing foam: I might have talked about this one in my previous posts, but I always find myself coming back to this cleanser. I use it for night because it’s stronger so it’s better at getting rid of dirt, dust and makeup. But because I have dry skin, I never want to use a very stronger cleanser that strips away my skin’s natural moisture. This cleanser is a great balance of the two. I also like that it has whitening effects, or else my face would’ve been a shade darker than my neck.

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