Black and White Casual


Just a simple black and white outfit on a casual day in Vancouver, when it was still sunny and warm.


There is no doubt that black and white will always be the classic color combo for casual and for office fashion. I probably have more black items in my wardrobe than any other color. Black will make you look slimmer and white will bring more attention. I usually like to do white top and black bottom, but today I decided to switch it up because of this fun asymmetric top I found at the off-price retail store my mom and I always go to-Winners. Sometimes I could score very unique clothing I won’t be able to find anywhere else. I also appreciate the fact that this top is long enough to cover my bum. I like to wear long top that covers my hip when I wear tighter jeans or leggings that aren’t high-waisted. I think doing this will flatter my body more than just wearing a regular length top. I believe fashion is all about finding the style that suits your body shape and will accentuate your best features so you’ll feel confident with what you are wearing. This confidence is the ultimate goal of fashion and styling! Aye?

Where I got stuff: 

Top: Winners

Pants: ZARA basics

Sandals: ZARA (on sale!)

Bag: Danier

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Thanks for stopping by!


Viv ❤

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