August Instagram Feed

Hello lovely visitors! Thought I share my recent Instagram snaps to brighten and color your day! And a quick note about work-life balance…

August is the best month in Vancouver with temperatures high of 30 degrees celsius and very little rain fall, contrary to what Vancouver is known for-Raincouver. Photos around summer season is usually full of vibrance with azure blue sky and blooming flowers of all colors! I meshed in my OOTDs with my Scandinavia travel photos because some of the architectures fit in perfectly with the lush greenery and luxuriant foliage. Bet you didn’t know my favourite colors are green and blue!

So what’s new in August? After coming back from vacation, work has became super busy. I often have to work on the weekends due to the nature of my job (I work in the Biotechnology industry). But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like being busy because I enjoy the feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment. Knowing that I’ve worked hard also gives me that internal confidence to reduce my insecurities and self-doubt. On top of this, it makes blogging and indulging in personal hobbies a lot more stimulating because they balance out the mundanities of a 9-to-5 job. I believe the key to life is balance, a work vs. life balance. I realized that this balance give me stability in all aspects, most importantly mental health! We need distractions in out life to take our focus off the stress, negativity, anxiety, and life’s various adversities and do something we are simply passionate about, with no strings attached.

I’m curious to know how you guys manage your busy schedules to achieve that work-life balance? Feel free to comment!

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 Thanks for stopping by!


Viv ❤

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