50 Shades of Grey









Happy Monday! A fresh start to a new week. I cannot believe we are almost into September/Fall season. Summer felt too short,but Fall is also a beautiful season in terms of scenery and style (layering!!). I’m actually exciting to see what kind of OOTD I can conjure up for this upcoming season. I probably would need to do some pre-Fall shopping since I cleaned out my closet recently and got rid of a bunch of old cloth. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the tank & shorts weather while I still can.

Before I get on with the post, just wanted to add a little disclaimer. I’m not into kinky novels. I actually have never read the book, but since I’m doing an all grey look today, I thought I conveniently borrow the name. I gotta admit, it does have a catchy ring…or maybe it’s just the whole hype when the movie came out.

People at work have officially started called me an Aritzia devotee now. I love the brands ‘Wilfred’ and ‘Babaton’- which are carried at Aritzia – because I feel they have really good quality basics that have a classy and sophisticated style. And this is exactly what I’m transitioning towards, simple, basic and high-quality clothing that can be casual and office friendly . But I’m still a bit of a child at heart, so I still like to make my blog and feed vibrant with a drop of color in my background. I think an outfit that uses different shades of the same color can create a statement without having a statement. Seemingly a paradox, but it works and it will look very on-point!

Where I got stuff:

Top: Aritzia

Pants: Aritzia

Bag: Coach

Necklace: EVERNEW

Shoes: Browns

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Viv ❤

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