The Palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia 


Taking you on a tour to see the Palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia


Looking down at the Grand cascade and Samson fountain on the balcony


Peterhof Palace and the Grand cascade Fountain. Built under the orders of Peter the Great, the person who the city St. Petersburg was named after.


Yep! I believe they are real gold!


Our tour guide called these the “onion heads”

A small structure in the garden area


The garden area. Look at the number of tourists…


Another fountain in the garden! The garden is absolutely enormous! We only saw the tip of the iceberg.

Next stop: The Catherine Palace, named after Catherine I, the wife of Peter the Great.


Gorgeous blue and white facades and gold details! Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating…twas so cold!!



Here are some close up shots!


From the North side of the building!

Once you line up for 2 hours to enter the palace, this is what the individual rooms looked like. Every room served a different purpose, thus had a different theme. Gave us an idea of how the royals lived back in the days.


The ‘afternoon tea’ table.

What’s up? umm… the ceiling


Next stop: Winter Palace. The most famous building in St. Petersburg. Formally the imperial residence for Peter the great and his family, now it serves more as a museum.


A beautiful green and white color. This is the front entrance at Palace square. Wish the frame was bigger so I could capture a 360 degree view.



The door facing Neva River.


A side view.


General Stall building, directly facing the Winter Palace. This is also part of the Palace square.

Sculptures inside the Winter Palace



The interior decors

The corridors

Interesting paintings depicting A, the artist feels trapped in a planned marriage. B, how a mother feels when her son gets married. C, Monalisa look alike done by Da Vinci’s disciple.


That’s it for now, I wish I could share more but I took hundreds of photos and it’s impossible to blog all of them. I picked the exemplary ones that I believed captured the essence of all these palaces we visited. St.  Petersburg is a BEAUTIFUL city that is worth visiting if you ever get the chance. My photos don’t do justice, specially because the weather wasn’t great, so the lighting was off. There’s just so much history when you look at all the architectures. And these artifacts left by the ancient civilization will tell you something about humanity back in the days, from their lifestyle, taste, and even personality and values. From these, you can almost relate back to modern day society. There are things that have changed for sure, but there are also deep-rooted attributes about us that have not, and probably won’t ever change.

On top of this, I’m also pretty awestruck. Sure, the technologies we have nowadays is far more advanced than anything humanity in the past could ever imagine. But these extravagant architecture and art is a clear indication of their intelligence which may in some aspects, surpass modern day humanity.

I think it’s super interesting to see how we use our “cerebral capacity” (a line from the movie Lucy), and what we are able to conjure up. Travelling to all these different places, I could tell how different we are as human being in the way we think. I’ve seen other palaces before too (Forbidden city in Beijing), it is BEYOND different yet just as impressively beautiful!! So travelling doesn’t just give you a fun trip, I believe it opens our eyes and our mind to diversity and difference, most importantly, to appreciate that difference. Hardly anything is objective in the world, everything matters depending on where your reference point is and how you perceive it. I wouldn’t be able to say if the Winter Palace was better, or the Forbidden city, or the Louvre Palace in Paris (haven’t been there yet, but planning on it) because they are all unique in their own way. Likewise, I came to the realization that we as individuals are all different and unique in our own way too. So appreciate our diversity and love yourself for who you are!


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 Thanks for reading! Have an awesome weekend! 


Viv ❤

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