Streamline That Flare


Flared pants, culottes, all the flowy-ness and loose-fitted clothing are coming back in style. And we were overly concerned with cinching in the waist line to create the curvy shape, now might as well toss all of that aside and just be completely shapeless. I think the look is awesome with all body types, but with a potential “danger zone”. That is, you don’t want to look frumpy and slouchy as if you just rolled out of bed. Looking well-put together and effortless is still achievable with the baggy trend as long as you streamline the volume with something “sharp”. By sharp I don’t mean it has to literally take on that shape, but something like a pair of pointed flats or heels can do just the trick. Or a pair mule flats to really own the trend!

Where I got stuff: 

Top: ZARA (on sale now!!)

Pants: 8th + Main

Heels: Sam Edelman (on sale here)

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Viv ❤


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