The Big Picture! 


Sharing a snippet of my Instagram feed! I love how colorful and vibrant my gallery turned out. I think the theme reflects who I am on the inside, zestful and lively.

Originally, I didn’t have any plan for how I was going to post my photos. I simply posted pictures to promote my blog. Individually, none of the photos stood out, but when I looked at my gallery holistically, the colors are very striking and eye-catching.

Likewise, I came to the realization that the big picture is important in life. In the past, I was guilty of honing in on small details that made me lose the big pictures. I ended up stressing myself over something so insignificant that I failed to see my goal in the long run and therefore lost focus because I was trying to ‘set (the smallest) things right’. I later realized that I needed to always take a step back and get a global perspective rather than just looking through a tunnel. Only by doing that will I know which piece is missing in the puzzle. This is something I’ve learned over the years and I feel I became much happier too because I’m no longer neurotic. I won’t be obsessive or upset over a minor conflict with a colleague. I won’t jump defensively or throw a tantrum when I’m wronged or falsely accused of something I didn’t do. These are things that use to trouble me immensely but right now as long as it’s not impacting my life in anyway, I learn to let it go and focus on the bigger aspirations, AKA the grand picture. This doesn’t mean I stop caring about the trivial things, but if it’s something I have no control over, then I just make peace with it and continue to self-improve and work toward my ultimate goal.

So maybe certain aspects of your life is not going great right now, similar to when you look at one single photo on an instagram feed; It looks dull, boring, non-stimulating and non-inspirational. Perhaps all you need to do is to look at the bigger picture and how everything fits together, like looking at a photo gallery in it’s entirety. Then you will realize that all the individual pieces, regardless of their quality, all have their place and it all fits in perfectly in this colorful mosiac.

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Viv ❤

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