Schwerin Palace, Germany 













 Sharing some photos from Schwerin, Germany today.

Out of all the places we visited in Scandinavia, this was probably the most memorable because we had to overcome many challenges in order to get to this Palace and back to our cruise. Our ship docked at Warnemunde, a small city north of Rostock. We knew we needed to take a 2-hour train ride to this Palace but we had no idea where the stain was or where to purchase tickets. After we figured that out and walked to the train station, there were 7 platforms. To make things more confusing, all of the signs, maps and writings were in German. On top of that, there weren’t many Germans that could speak English. But thankfully, an English-speaking resident was kind enough to tell us how to get there. We needed to take a 20 minute train ride from Warnemunde to Rostock, and another 1.5 hour train ride from Rostock to Schwerin. After getting to Schwerin, we had to take a local bus to the palace, which involved a lot of asking around again.  Somehow, we managed to buy our bus tickets on a German-only machine (basically pressing random buttons until tickets came out). On our way back, we almost had a panic attack because we couldn’t find the train station. All of us became frantic because we needed to get back in time before the cruise departed. An English-speaking local probably sensed our fear and came up to us offering to help. We asked him how to get to the train station (showing him an photo of the building we took before we left). To all of our surprised he said “You are here, you are just at the back entrance.” When he led us to the front entrance, we all laughed feeling stupid and relieved at the same time. Although it was a false alarm, it certainly did scare us.

Was sure a hectic day trying to figure our way around the city. It wasn’t easy being in a new place and speaking a different language. BUT the view was worth it! Don’t you think?

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