Zen inspired Pattern








Happy Monday! This patterned skirt reminds me of a page in an adult coloring book. They are fun, feminine and the pointed front and back adds an extra touch of bedazzlement. I just realized that patterns like these are termed ‘Zen’ , which by definition means meditation in Japanese. I did see some Asian elements in this skirt when I first saw it hanging on the racks, but couldn’t really pinpoint which culture its from. Sometimes, fashion that possesses elements from various cultures can truly make an outfit stand-out. The tribal patterns inspired by the indigenous culture has become it’s own fashion category. I have also seen Asian inspired fashion, such as the Japanese kimono and also gorgeous patterns originating from ancient China (dragon, phoenix and calligraphy). I like clothing with cultural patterns. It’s unique, vintage and stylish. They can be very vibrant and flashy since the design are often inspired by the royalty of that particular culture. Be sure to balance them with neutrals and simple accessories.

Where I got stuff: 


Skirt: INC (International concepts)

Bag: Fossil

Hat: Ralph Lauren

Wedge: Winners

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