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What’s life without some food indulgence? In my case, seafood indulgence. I LOVE seafood (Not a huge fan of bivalves though..feels too visceral for me). There are some great health benefits with seafood as well, such as omega-3, iron & fibre and minerals that our body needs. I’m obviously not a nutritionist so I’ll just focus on commenting the taste and presentation of a pretty high-class seafood restaurant I took my folks to for a family dinner.

My family have this tradition where every weekend we would go out and eat at a nice restaurant and spend some quality time together. I believe this is super important because it’s so easy for us to get caught up with our busy lives during the week dealing with work, school, friends and other commitments that we often times take for granted the most important commitment in our life: our family! So this time, I decided to get a little more fancy and take my folks out to Blue Water Cafe, which is a fairly high-end seafood restaurant in downtown Vancouver. The food was super delicate and exquisite, especially their famous ‘seafood tower’! The ambience was just as lovely. But the most important part was the company. We all stepped away from the husslling and finally got a chance to catch up on our daily lives. It may seem trivial but hey, it’s always the small things that need to be cherished!

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