Skirts or Pants? Both! 






I’m head over heels for flowy dress like pants such as this one. I have always been a pants person because I like the freedom of movement. I also like the femininity offered by skirts and dresses. The best is when the two are combined generating a skirt look-alike yet still functioning as a pair of shorts. I feel that a unique pieces like this can only be found through thrifting and in off-price retail stores, which are 2 places I frequent because there is so much to choose from as opposed to regular clothing stores where they only have a limited amount of styles. I like items that are not too expensive and unique at the same time, something that I know I wouldn’t see another person wearing on the street. I do want to offer some style tips today inspired by this outfit, here we go:

  1. When matching pieces with colorful patterns: Identify the less obvious color on the pattern and pair with a monochromatic piece of that same color.
  2. High-waisted flowy skirt pants will accentuate the waist line and make the bottom half of the body look longer.
  3. When in doubt, white heels!
  4. Blue looks awesome with pink! Just look at Spring cherry blossoms under the azure blue sky.
  5. Sleeveless turtle necks make things look more sophisticated! It’s flattering on people with broader shoulders and longer necks.

Where I got stuff: 

Top: Winners

Bag: Michael Kors

Heels: Oak + Fort

Bottom: Thrifting

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Viv ❤

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