Summer cold shoulders





Happy Monday! ZARA (and everywhere else) is having their summer sale right now. But the stores look like a tornado whipped through so you really gotta rummage for a long time to find something decent. Once you do, it will be worth it because it’s significantly cheaper than the original price. I believe this off the should top was only $20 something. I like cute and playful tops like this to brighten up my summer attires. The off-the-shoulder touch is sensual but tasteful and classy at the same time. I once mentioned in my beauty post that I think clothing which accentuates a woman’s shoulder and collar bone is sexy and elegant (just imagine a beautiful off-the-shoulder wedding gown). So I was super excited style this top. I hope you like this outfit!

Where I got stuff: 

Top: ZARA (on sale!!)

Shorts: Aritzia

Shoes: Winners

Bag: Plenty

Hat: TopShop

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Viv ❤

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