Happy Friday! Let’s take a moment, inhale and just say TGIF. This week felt unusually long for some reason. Anyways, I’m glad in the weekend so I could get some ‘me’ time and family time.

When it comes to style, I’m never satisfied with just a top, bottom and shoes. I need to have something extra to complete the look. However, I refuse to go overboard. Today for example, is a casual day calling for a casual outfit. So jeans of course is my go-to bottom piece (story time: initially I wanted to go for shorts, but I rug-burned my knee from doing floor works in dance class, and now it’s bloody and too unpleasant looking T^T). My top is flowy, chiffon and white, which is a classic summer wardrobe must-have. The laced taupe-colored wedge will give the outfit some edge. But wait…it was still missing something when I looked in the mirror. Aha! The 90’s kerchief trend is coming back, this time it’s around the neck instead of on the head. I like how it works like a choker, which is  another trend that’s blowing up everywhere. I hope y’all like this look. I think it’s casual and flattering at the same time.

Where I got stuff: 

Top: Aritzia

Kerchief: ZARA

Jeans: American Eagle

Bag: Coach

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Necklace: Fossil

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 Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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