The streets of Copenhagen, Denmark I





Photos by: Yours truly 🙂

Being someone consumed by wanderlust, I had to capture everything I could as I walked down the streets of the most populated city in Denmark-Copenhagen, the national capital and the epicentre of Danish art and culture.

What made my incessant photo-taking more compulsory was the fact that it was my first time in Europe! Europe had always been a beautiful yet mysterious place in my mind. Throughout my adult years, I hear about it in the media; I read about it in books; I see photos of it on the internet. The more I know about Europe, the more desiring it became to just fly there and see it for myself. This curiosity is also fuelled by the knowledge that Europe is entirely different from North America: from cityscape to language, from architecture to history, and from culture to art.

I hope my photos were able to capture the city, not only the exquisite architectures, but also the rich history that gave raise to its unique identity.

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 Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the photos! 


Viv ❤

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