Subtlety is key when you want to look fashionable but not excessively flashy.  I regularly browse through fashion magazines and other well-established fashion bloggers for outfit inspirations, which they are great for but not for imitation because the fashion is often times too over-the-top and impractical to be worn on the streets (ie. stilettos when shopping? Ouch!). I think being someone who works in a corporate setting, it’s important to keep in mind this subtlety because I want to look professional and well put-together, but I don’t want to look like I’m walking into a photo shoot or a runway.

It’s better to take those fashion inspiration and bring subtlety to it to make it more practical and effortless. For example, instead of pairing very rich and vibrant colors, which looks awesome in front of the camera, it’s better to tone it down in real life by using muted colors or lighter shades. And in reality, we can’t walk around in heels everyday regardless of how good they look. So I just opt for a pair of cute flats or sandals to finish the job.

Keeping this in mind, notice in today’s OOTD I actually have 3 very distinguishable colors (red-ish, yellow-ish, blue-ish) and leopard print in one outfit. But it doesn’t look busy or too flamboyant because A, the colors are muted and B, the leopard is not excessive. I can envision myself wearing this casually on the street or to work without losing comfort or professionalism.

Where I got stuff: 

Dress: Aritzia

Trench: Aritzia

Bag: Fossil


Glasses: Top Shop


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Viv ❤

2 thoughts

  1. Your ability to set up the photo and perfectly frame it is part of this fashion statement. Flats are so perfect…if they weren’t those shoes would not work.
    Who really takes stilletto (sp?) heels seriously?
    ⛩ Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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