SkinCare Product Review


My personal opinions on beauty products I’ve tried recently.

One thing I like doing is trying out new beauty brands to see which one is best for my skin. I don’t hold back shopping for my skin and I’m always willing to try new and better beauty lines that’s more natural and hydrating. I will most likely do a regular product review post once I have accumulated several new items on the list and have tried them out for a couple of weeks to really know their performance.


  1. Boscia’s Charcoal Pore Pudding:  I got this one because of the massive positive review I’ve been hearing. I gotta say I absolutely love this one because it cleans my skin without drying it out. In fact I feel like it also hydrates because the formulation is a mixture of white & black charcoal. White hydrates and black cleanses, so it’s the ultimate combination.


2. Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser: It works well as a cleanser. My skin feels clean and soft and still hydrated. However, this cleanser does not work up a lather so it’s just a gel-like texture which I am not a big fan of. But if you like foam-less cleanser then this would be a nice product to use.

3. Fresh’s Rose Face Mask: I actually really like this one. The texture is still gel-like. After application, the mask is clear and very light-weight so it looks like you have nothing on your face, so you gotta set a reminder to wash it off (I kinda wish it was a stay-on mask). But after washing off the mask, my skin looks glowing and radiant. I think it is a good product for dull complexion, which happens to me if I don’t get enough sleep.


4. AmorePacific’s Moisture bound Rejuvenating Creme: I have always been a huge fan of AmorePacific. I have the night cream and I love it due to it’s texture and hydrating effects! I ran out of my old day cream (Biotherm) so I decided to try out theirs. I think it does hydrate my skin. However the texture is creamy and I have always been a fan of gel-like texture. This is simply a personal preference because I think gel-like moisturizers absorb faster and just feels more refreshing after application. So if you are a fan of creamy moisturizers then I do recommend this product. Just keep in mind that AmorePacific is slightly more expensive.


5. Benefit’s Pore Professional Matte Rescue: I wanted to try this product because my face could get quite shiny/oily at the end of the day. Therefore, I am a huge sucker for anything matte. I will go for matte lipstick, matte foundation and this matte rescue pore treatment cream. I think it is making a difference because my foundation stays on better. This could also work as a foundation primer.


6. Boscia’s Sake Treatment Water: I use it as a toner. It’s very light, to the point where I almost feel like it’s water. But there’s still a chemical balance. The reason why I like this is because I use a fairly rich moisturizer afterwards, so I like light-weight toners because too much richness can actually cause break-outs.


Let me know if you have tried or decide to try any of these product!

I hope you liked this post! 🙂

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