Quick Silver 


Styling some metallics: a pair of silver slip-ons with a pair of coal-colored socks.







FYI: I conveniently named this outfit post after one of my favourite X-Men mutant because I recently watched the Apocalypse and absolutely loved the scene where he saved everyone from an explosion (watch it here).

Happy hump day! I wear slip-ons almost everyday for its comfort and ease. For the pairs I’m wearing the color is a definitely bonus! I believe slip-ons matter in their color because the style is more or less the same for all the brands. I love the silver on this one because it is similar to white, which means it serves as a neutral that could be styled with all kinds of casual outfits. However it has more of an edge since it’s metallic, so it’s definitely more interesting than just a white sneaker (mine are so over-worn and over-styled XD).

I thought wearing a pair of sparkling coal-colored socks would provide contrast to the silver and at the same time enhance it because they are all metallic. I like the fact that this entire outfit is casual and seemingly effortless, but there’s still some flair to it! ❤

Where I got stuff: 

Top: H&M (currently available)

Denim shorts: Street

Socks: TopShop (similar HERE)

Shoes: VANS from Union Jack Boots (available HERE, c/o)

Bag: Michael Kors (different colors HERE)

Jacket: GUESS (old)

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 Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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