Simply Navy


A simple, classy navy dress goes a long way…





Story of my life: When bae finally gets your outfit and compliments you rather than raises an eyebrow…

This happens when I wear classy, feminine, and simple things such as this navy dress I scored at Banana Republic. This store is a place I would never have imagined myself walking into 3 years ago, because I used to think the fashion there is for mature business-y women and most importantly, it is not in the range of affordability for me. But just a couple of years later, Banana has became a must-see store every time I go shopping. They carry a lot of simple, timeless and feminine pieces. As much as I like to wear sweats, denim and slip-ons, I still need to dress professionally for work. However, I hate wearing the boring white-blouse-and-black-blazer look. I opt for dresses or skirts when doing office jobs. I do find that it’s harder to be trendy and fashionable when dressing professionally because you can’t be TOO creative with your outfit. There are boundaries that’s limited by the nature of one’s work. This dress is pretty amazing because it’s got a mermaid silhouette as opposed to the signature pencil dresses/skirt that dominates the fashion world of professional women. This is totally office-friendly, but I can also dress it down to make it a casual wear…

…ok Monday’s shopping tip to save money and avoid cluttering your closet: invest in item that is functional in multiple settings!

Where I got stuff: 

Navy dress: Banana Republic

Heels: Oak + Fort

Bag: Michael Kors

Hat: Ralph Lauren

Shades: Top Shop

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Happy New Week! Thank you for checking out my blog!


Viv ❤

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