Styling a Bomber







The bomber jacket is so popular right now so I decided to score myself one. My friend told me it’s because of Kylie Jenner. I don’t really know her because I don’t watch TV but  meh…who cares how the trend started as long as it looks good.  The bomber is definitely casual and cool looking with a little bit of an edge, which is exactly what I like to wear everyday. You guys outta know where I live doesn’t get super hot in the summer, maybe the occasional 30C for a few days then it’s back to RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! So investing in good quality, fashionable and light-weight outerwear is crucial for us Vancouver fashionistas. As much as I like to go out everyday in a loose tank and shorts, I always find myself grabbing something extra before heading out the door, whether it’s a light cardigan or a jacket of some sort. And truthfully, I have WAY to many cardigans and I’m beginning to get tired of the same old look. This bomber is awesome because it’s super light-weight and colorful, completely summer friendly and practical. One tip though, I like rolling up up the long sleeves to create a 3/4 length sleeve. I think doing that makes the jacket look more sharp and your upper body more tailored (because the jacket itself is rather baggy).

Where I got stuff:

Jacket: ZARA (currently available)


Pants: Aritzia

Wedge: ALDO (on sale!!)

Bag: Fossil (also styled HERE)

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Viv ❤


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